Bob Woodward wonders if the president might not have overplayed his fiscal cliff hand by saying he will not sign a bill that doesn’t raise taxes on the top 2% of earners.

That is a red line, and, you know… there’s so many Republicans in the house that that is against doctrine…

You know how liberals remind us all the time how the big, bad bully United States has no right to be bossing around the rest of the world? So why are they so eager to pass the UN Disabilities treaty?

Ratifying the treaty would have given the United States greater standing to push other nations to pass measures similar to that 1990 law.

Liberals sure can be confusing, can’t they? Take John Kerry, for instance, in line to be Secretary of State – he wouldn’t want to tell other countries what to do, would he?

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., a strong proponent of the measure, said the treaty “just says that you can’t discriminate against the disabled. It says that other countries have to do what we did 22 years ago when we set the example for the world and passed the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

You know what else is funny. In all the news coverage talking about how strongly John Kerry and Bob Dole and John McCain felt about the need to pass the measure to allow the US to bully other countries, there was no explanation as to why, exactly, they feel so strongly.

I don’t object to a Detroit City Councilor telling the president to pay up for receiving the city’s votes. After all, that’s how the president does politics, no?

There ought to be a quid pro quo… After the election of Jimmy Carter, the honorable Coleman Alexander Young, he went to Washington, D.C., and came home with some bacon… That’s what you do.”

Why are Democrats so determined not to deal with the fiscal crisis? Listen to Grover Norquist explain the president’s fiscal cliff proposal.

Who would have thought John Heilemann would mock Senator Lindsey Graham for being (some speculate) gay?

Just after 6am, on “Morning Joe” this morning, Joe, Mika and guest John Heilemann were talking about yesterday’s New York Times article about “the three amigos” Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham, who have bonded over the last decade through international travel putting themselves at the center of the foreign policy debate at home.

General Petraeus was back before congress today for short, classified briefings, on the Benghazi coverup. Members of the committees said there is some confusion about CIA talking points that evolved to exclude the involvement of terrorists.

CBS News obtained the CIA talking points given both to Rice and members of the House intelligence committee on Sept. 15, and they make no specific reference to “terrorism” being a likely factor in the assault. However, they did indicate that “extremists participated in the violent demonstrations.”

Senator Kent Conrad said there was nothing wrong with what UN Ambassador Susan Rice did on September 16 when she appeared on 5 national news shows and made it clear that the administration believed the terror attack was actually a spontaneous street protest.

Conrad said Rice “did completely the appropriate thing.”

“She used the unclassified talking points that were signed off on by the entire intelligence community,” Conrad said. “There are other things that are classified. That’s a totally different subject.”

Senator Roy Blunt was less forgiving.

In politics, stating the obvious creates a firestorm. Mitt Romney does it again as he explains the Democratic system of winning votes – using tax payer dollars to pay off their special interest voters.

Chuck Todd offers the NBC/MSNBC response.