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Barack says his beliefs were being misrepresented when his campaign manager filled out a position questionnaire for an activist group that provided critical support for his first run for the state senate in Illinois in 1996. On that questionnaire, Barack was a clear cut liberal. Over the years, his positions have been more difficult to […]

Do you remember in the fall when there was a vote in the Senate for a resolution encouraging President Bush to label the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization? Hillary took some heat for voting in favor, as there was concern at the time that the Bush administration was trying to get us […]

Hillary takes heat for false claims of danger on her Bosnia trip, and rightly so. Let’s have similar coverage for Barack’s attempt to create a false sense of destiny and linkage to the legacy of Camelot with his story about his dad being brought to the U.S. to study due to the generosity of the […]

Barack, Jr.


Not many people outside of Massachusetts know the story about a relatively young Harvard educated black guy with little experience in politics but a compelling personal story who rides a theme of hope and “Together We Can” to the chief executive’s seat. It is the story of Deval Patrick, elected Governor of Massachusetts last year, […]

the following blurb in a trade journal made me wonder about how long it will be before people start getting diagnosed with some sort of Obama Obsession Disorder. I think it can already be described as “a common compulsive-impulsive disorder” Do you know any sufferers?An editorial in this month’s issue of the American Journal of […]

Joe Klein lays out an (unlikely) argument for how a Gore/Obama ticket might come to pass. If all other pieces fell into place, its hard to imagine Obama going along with the scenario, but it is possible to imagine democrats being utterly exhausted by the time of the convention, with a desperate need to head […]

This video from Greta’s show the other night on Fox is pretty startling, because Hillary is pretty clear that she will do whatever possible to stop Barack.