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The LA Times ran a story on Sunday about Barack pushing for a grant on behalf of client who had been paying him $8,000 a month as a retainer when he was a broke state senator who had just lost a bid for Congress. A few months after receiving his final payment from EKI, Obama […]

Barack Obama made a deal with the devil when he joined the church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. He got a political career in exchange for turning a blind eye to the devil behind the pulpit. When Wright’s opinions became front page news in mid-March, Barack did his best to distance himself from the comments without […]

Throwing his grandmother under the bus didn’t do the trick. Today Barack threw his favorite Pastor under the bus. He should have let his grandmother be and gone after Reverend Wright in the first place. In an early afternoon press conference, Barack said he was outraged by Reverend Wright’s comments yesterday. What took him so […]

Last time Reverend Wright threatened to destabilize the Obama campaign, he changed the subject to one of race. Now, the Reverend is back, proving that Barack was deflecting – this is about how radical and contemptuous of this country Barack is that he sat around for 20 years listening to a guy who hates America. […]

The New York Times goes front page today with an attempt by TV reporter Alessandra Stanley to minimize the effect of Jeremiah Wright by turning him into Billy Carter. President Carter’s brother happily played the family’s black sheep when he realized he could turn his red neck status into money via exploits like Billy Beer. […]

Jive Talkin’


Trying to move toward putting the issue to rest, Barack put more mileage between himself and Reverend Wright on Monday: “He does not speak for me,” Obama said. “He does not speak for the campaign, and so he may make statements in the future that don’t reflect my values or concerns,” the senator told reporters […]

Dan Balz of the Washington Post makes a good argument that runs counter to mine, below, suggesting that there’s no way that the return of Wright was coordinated with the Obama campaign: Wright’s speaking tour was clearly not authorized, sanctioned or prepped by the Obama campaign. Wright is speaking for himself, not for Obama, defending […]