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Barack’s close ties to radicalism are an area of his life that some 527 (Swift Boat style group) must be eagerly researching in preparation for the general election. In April 2004, Barack Obama told a reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times that he had three spiritual mentors or counselors: Jeremiah Wright, James Meeks, and Father Michael […]

The wings of outrageous Catholic Priest Michael Pfleger, well known in Chicago for his radical diatribes and his support of Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama, have been clipped by a Cardinal. “To avoid months of turmoil in the church, Father Pfleger has promised me that he will not enter into campaigning,” (Cardinal Francis) George said […]

Everyone remembers the Swift Boat ads of 4 years ago and the huge impact made by that campaign to undermine John Kerry. That sort of attack during a presidential race, paid for by independent organizations not connected to the candidates or the parties, will likely play a big role this year as well. I love […]

How did Barack manage to snatch the nomination away from Hillary? Was it just inspirational rhetoric? Nope. Obama’s campaign mastered some of the most arcane rules in politics, and then used them to foil a front-runner who seemed to have every advantage—money, fame and a husband who had essentially run the Democratic Party for eight […]

Here we go again with the Hollywood promises to leave the country if the democrat doesn’t win. Remember Alec Baldwin’s commitment to move overseas if Al Gore didn’t win in 2000. You just can’t trust an actor – Bush beat Gore, and Baldwin stayed. But if you’re looking for motivation to let go of your […]

It’s a cliche now, I know, and I hate to make use of it. But that line on the economy that James Carville had hanging over his desk in Clinton campaign headquarters in 1992 was there because he knew it was the issue that would decide the election. For John McCain, the sign in HQ […]

Have watched some interviews of Scott promoting the book, but haven’t read it yet. He is bending over backwards to be nice to President Bush. Assuming the book is no more hard hitting than the interviews, this is not a collection of BLOCKBUSTER revelations, despite the frantic coverage over the past couple of days. His […]