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The Obama campaign is spinning Barack’s church departure as “a deeply personal decision,” having nothing to do with politics, even thought the number one reason Barack cited was guilt by association. He said it was clear that, since he was a presidential candidate, any remarks made at Trinity by any speaker “will be imputed to […]

Because mainstream America doesn’t believe in the things the Democratic Party believes, the party has put together a coalition of special interests as a way to win elections. They start with the roughly 1/3 of the population that automatically votes against the other party. Their partnership with the unions brings them traditional blue collar support. […]

Barack has finally resigned from the church of bigotry, divisiveness and hatred that has been his spiritual home for the past 16 years: Barack Obama announced Saturday that he and his wife had resigned as members of their Chicago church in the wake of controversial remarks from its pulpit that have become a serious distraction […]