Member of Obamafia Found Guilty


“no evidence surfaced in the courtroom to suggest that Mr. Obama was involved in any wrongdoing.”

For the liberal media (this quote is from the New York Times), enough said. Never mind. Move on to the next story. A member of Barack’s elite team, what I like to call the Obamafia, is found guilty on 16 counts in federal court, and liberals are feeling pretty good about it. He was, after all, acquitted on 8 charges!

On ABC World News Tonight, the story ran for about 20 seconds. “Barack Obama has not been implicated…”

But Tony Rezko is Barack Obama’s money man.

How about a lead like this:
One of Barack Obama’s closest associates was convicted of bribery today in a scandal that rocked the Governor of Illinois and threatens to do the same to the presidential hopes of that state’s junior senator.

That sort of lead is hard to find. But it would be appropriate. The Times actually gave the story pretty fair treatment.

In the presidential campaign, Mr. Obama, whose name rarely came up during the trial, has been criticized for his involvement with Mr. Rezko in property transactions related to his home. As Mr. Obama was buying his house in 2005, Mr. Rezko’s wife, Rita, bought an adjacent empty lot. She later sold the Obamas a portion of the lot that enabled them to expand their yard. Mr. Obama has since called the transactions “boneheaded.”

Rezko raised loads of money for Obama starting at the earliest stages of his political career – going all the way back to the mid-nineties:

According to Mr. Obama’s campaign, Mr. Rezko may have raised as much as $250,000 for him over the years; the campaign has donated $159,085 in contributions from Mr. Rezko, his family and associates to charity, the amount the campaign says can be “reasonably credited to Mr. Rezko’s political support.”

This sentence is the one that kills me:

And while Republicans are likely to bring up similar questions in the general election, the trial’s absence of evidence against Mr. Obama could minimize fallout on his campaign.

Huh? Check out the land deal. Barack is guilty of more bad judgment, at best, in being involved with these folks. He is obviously being generous in calling his actions boneheaded.


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