Out Baracking Barack


McCain is doing more clever stuff, trying to take control of the reformer/change image that got Barack to the general election.

Less than a day after Obama clinched the Democratic nomination, McCain delivered a letter to his campaign, formally proposing what he had raised last month. In the letter, he proposed that the two men fly to the first town hall meeting in the same plane as symbol that they are “embracing the politics of civility.”

Now that is hitting Barack upside the head with himself!

“What a welcome change it would be were presidential candidates in our time to treat each other and the people they seek to lead with respect and courtesy as they discussed the great issues of the day, without the empty soundbites and media-filtered exchanges that dominate our elections,” he wrote.

Not only that, McCain can claim “better on global warming” points for proposing that they follow a “green campaign” policy and share a plane for much of the time. Barack is not the only one who can be creative!

He said he envisions a series of town halls based on an agreement that Barry Goldwater and John F. Kennedy had to hold similar forums before Kennedy was assassinated.

“No process questions from reporters, no spin room,” McCain said. “We’re the world leader. And leaders don’t hide form history. They make history. If we’re going to lead, we have to begin by reforming the tenor of political discussion in our campaigns.”

Nice touch there, trying to grab onto Barack’s Kennedy torch!

In the past, Obama has said it was a “great idea.” Today, his campaign manager David Plouffe reiterated the campaign’s support for such debates in theory.


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