The Same Old Change


The Wall Street Journal provides a little reality to the Barack fantasy today, providing one of what will be thousands of general election missives that will attempt to pierce the silliness bubble.

For all of his inspiring rhetoric about bipartisanship, his voting record is among the most partisan in the Senate. His policy agenda is conventionally liberal across the board – more so than Hillary Clinton’s, and more so than that of any Democratic nominee since 1968.

Wait a sec… we’re talking about the man whose middle name is change. How about some examples of where he’s broken with his party’s broken policies?

We can’t find a single issue on which Mr. Obama has broken with his party’s left-wing interest groups. Early on he gave a bow to merit pay for teachers, but that quickly sank beneath the waves of new money he wants to spend on the same broken public schools. He takes the Teamsters line against free trade, to the point of unilaterally rewriting Nafta. He wants to raise taxes even above the levels of the Clinton era, including a huge increase in the payroll tax.

As with most open minded observers, the Journal wasn’t impressed with Barack’s misrepresentations and manipulations regarding Revered Wright.

We were among those inclined at first to downplay his association with the Trinity United Church. But Mr. Obama’s handling of the episode has raised doubts about his candor and convictions… Most disingenuously, he said on Saturday that the entire issue caught him by surprise. Yet he was aware enough of the political risk that he kept Rev. Wright off the stage during his announcement speech more than a year ago.

While being overly polite, the Journal raises good questions about Barack’s “judgment” and “political character” as evidenced by his odd associations.

The point is not that Mr. Obama now shares the radical views of these men. The concern is that by the Senator’s own admission they have been major moral influences, and their views are starkly at odds with the candidate’s vision as a transracial peacemaker. Their patronage was also useful as Mr. Obama was making his way in Chicago politics. But only now, in the glare of a national campaign, is he distancing himself from them. The question is what in fact Mr. Obama does believe.

The concern is that he shared their views at one time, if not now. And if not now, why not. But if he shared them ever, that’s one more nail in the coffin of the fraudulent and unelectable change candidate.


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