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Hillary, No


Is Barack opposed to the idea of Hillary as VP? In an indication that he was preparing to snub her for the vice-presidential nomination, Obama confirmed he is commissioning three prominent Democrats to vet potential candidates. They are Caroline Kennedy, a member of one of America’s most prominent political families and an early Obama supporter; […]

See what you think about this comment: “Barack Obama is running for president in a country where 70 percent of the people are white, and they demand that he align himself to their dominant view.” That statement comes from a political scientist named Ron Walters from the University of Maryland, quoted today in the Washington […]

The Kennedy Hustle is the favorite dance of the Obama Kampaign. They’re convinced that they can trick the country into thinking that he’s the offspring of Bobby and Jack, and who can say they’re wrong? Now they’ve tapped Caroline Kennedy to serve on the Vice Presidential search committee. In addition to President John F. Kennedy’s […]

Deal Done


Let’s Make A Deal! Hillary’s going to announce her departure from the race on Saturday. Mrs Clinton has still not admitted in public that she lost the contest, but on Saturday she will do so “and express her support for Senator Obama“. I think there’s a good chance this means that a deal has been […]