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I agree with Bay Buchanon that this election is not about John McCain: John McCain is relevant only in so far as he is not Barack Obama. TheSenator from Arizona is incapable of energizing his party, brings no new peopleto the polls, and has a personality that is best kept under wraps. Barack, who his […]

Barack is the guy they love in France! He is the Good American of the era. In recent decades, good Americans have included John F. Kennedy and his wifeJackie (whose elegance betrayed a European sensibility), Woody Allen (ofEuropean urbanity and wit), Michael Moore (of European vehemence on the Iraqwar) and Al Gore (of European environmentalism). […]

There’s no question that when the people are listened to, the message is clear. Barack is the man they want. In Europe. While the race between Barack Obama and Republican rival John McCain remainsclose among U.S. voters, Europeans have given their hearts to the likelyDemocratic nominee. And everyone knows, we should be more like Europeans. […]

Sometimes the guys north of the border can see and say things that are obvious, unless, or course, if you’re a member of the American media. Despite the focus on race here, Mark Milke correctly observes that Barack’s skin color is not his big electoral problem. Obama could fail because of his political leanings, inexperience […]