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Barack Envy


I have to confess to a newfound envy of the Democratic nominee for President. Sen. Barack Obama’s go-to Hollywood hottie is Scarlett Johansson, a starlet who trades frequent e-mails with the presumptive Democratic nominee, campaigns tirelessly on his behalf, hosts lucrative fundraisers and even appeared in that “Yes We Can” viral video that got 10 […]

Some members of Congress aren’t happy that their party’s choice as nominee. Rep. Dan Boren, D-Okla., told the Associated Press today that he has no intention of endorsing Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois. And Democratic officials do not expect Boren to be the last to refrain from making a show of not backing his party’s presumptive […]

The media, like their political partners the Democrats, is in love with Racism. It’s their favorite topic, their favorite trick to make a routine story exciting. To throw around a cliche accusation, they politicize race in order to sell papers. I, for one, am bored with their lack of imagination and angered by the double […]

No Joke


I was thinking a couple of weeks ago that McCain should throw some liberal around the neck of Barack the way Obama is trying to weigh him down with running for a Bush third term. What I came up with was that he should say that Barack is running to complete George McGovern’s first term. […]

Forget about how would he vote if he happened to drop by the Senate for a roll call. The real question is, has he ever been there for lunch? Democrats are squabbling over whether the Senate food service operations, currently running a big deficit each year, should be privatized. This may appear like a simple […]

Fannie Obama


Barack tries to make John McCain look like his politics is from the dinosaur era because of the lobbyists in his midst. But Obama is no different. Consider the man chosen to oversee his VP search committee, James A. Johnson, former Fannie Mae CEO and consummate Washington insider. The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that […]