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Having learned a lesson or two from the Wright scandal, Barack has cut loose the head of his VP selection committee. James Johnson said he is leaving Senator Barack Obama‘s vice presidential search committee after a newspaper reported he may have received preferential mortgage terms from Countrywide Financial Corp. Johnson, the former chairman of Fannie […]

Barack Obama’s new kinda politics continues to look like he’s running for Richard Nixon’s third term. It seems there’s no level of deceit he’s not happy to stoop to in order to misrepresent reality. Take the buzz over John McCain’s comments regarding Iraq on the Today show this morning. McCain said, very clearly, that his […]

Barack is making noises of outrage over the suicide rate our combat troops are experiencing. He expressed his desire for swift information from the Pentagon in a letter, that Thomas Sowell points out, was rich with arrogance. “What changes will you make to provide our soldiers in theater with real access to mental health care?” […]

In the optimism of the moment, Democrats have been looking to Georgia as a state that could swing their way as Barack, the all-powerful, rewrites the electoral map. Not so fast. A snapshot of the moment from Rasmussen indicates that McCain is viewed unfavorably by 37% of voters there. That’s pretty small compared with Barack’s […]

Why should anyone go easy on Michelle Obama when she sticks herself in the center of so many controversial debates? John Kerry, who has campaigned with Michelle Obama, said the attacks could backfire. “She’s a mother of two young daughters, and her self-made story is America’s story,” the Massachusetts senator said. “I think a lot […]

“I want to campaign the same way I govern, which is to respond directly and forcefully with the truth.” ~ Barack Obama, 11/08/07 So why is he refusing to release his birth certificate in response to months of media requests?

Barack Can Win


Dick Morris says that Barack can win this election. It’s going to take some work to escape from the burden of his radical past, but Morris says it can be done. First, Morris reiterates the obvious problems: Hard racial divisions have softened in America but fear of the “other” persists. Their possible next president has […]

Smoking Gun?


The search for smoking guns in the background of Barack continues to excite the nation. Is Barack’s refusal to release his birth certificate, for several months now, such a smoking gun? If not, why the reluctance to bring it forward. Possibilities abound on the blogosphere: he wasn’t actually born in the U.S. he was legally […]