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A generic Democrat beats the generic Republican this year by 16 points according to recent polls. Barack, alas, is not doing as well as the invisible man. After the incredible media attention he got with his victory lap last week, he’s still just pulled a few points ahead. The poll, conducted for Wall Street Journal […]

Fight The Power


Barack has a new site launched, fight the smears, to respond to rumors at the speed of the internet. The site is a response to the realities of a brave new world, where information travels 24 hours a day on blogs and voters are increasingly turning to the Internet for information. It’s a particular problem […]

The speedy firing of James Johnson from Barack’s VP search committee shows that Barack has learned his lessons. Don’t waste time with loyalty, cut out the cancer. But there is a flip side to caving to pressure, and that is, precedent. For some Democrats, Obama’s quick move to separate himself from Johnson will be seen […]

An information update from a blog at National Review on Barack’s hidden birth certificate, and fresh speculation on what it’s all about. First, a campaignspot reader offered that there is no mention of religion on the birth certificate used by the state of Hawaii in 1962. Then, speculation on what the Obama campaign may be […]

Barack slipped. In an unconscious moment, he made a comment regarding gas prices that reveals, once again, the low esteem he has for regular folk. This time, he’s concerned that we cling to our low gas prices: CNBC’s John Harwood: So could the (high) oil prices help us? Barack Obama: I think that I would […]

Boomerang Ad


Does this ad boomerang? As the points are ticked off by John Cusack in the attack on John McCain, guess who is right on every stance. But no one is going to see it, except for some young folk who have already been conned by Barack into believing that he’ll withdraw troops from Iraq, […]