Anonymous Beats Barack


A generic Democrat beats the generic Republican this year by 16 points according to recent polls. Barack, alas, is not doing as well as the invisible man. After the incredible media attention he got with his victory lap last week, he’s still just pulled a few points ahead.

The poll, conducted for Wall Street Journal and NBC, shows that Obama is leading McCain by 47 per cent to 41 per cent. But still the lead is significantly smaller than the Democratic Party’s 16-point advantage, 51 per cent to 35 per cent, when voters are asked, without candidates’ names, which party they want to win the White House.

What is Barack’s problem? Reverend Wright, of course. And Rev Pfleger. And the terrorists. And Michelle. And Tony Rezko.

But Obama continues to do poorly among white male voters, according to the poll. More ominous is his weakness among white suburban women, who generally are open to Democratic candidates and whose votes could be decisive.

While Obama has a slight lead among white women generally, a plurality of suburbanites prefer McCain.

While Barack believers are pleased that he’s opened a lead, there’s no grounds for smiling.

The poll of 1,000 registered voters was conducted from Friday through Monday, a “propitious time” for Obama, (Democrat pollster Peter) Hart noted, as Clinton had conceded and endorsed her rival on Saturday.

Despite that timing and an “exceptionally strong” year for Democrats generally, Obama and McCain are in “a very competitive race for president,” says Democratic pollster Hart.

Could this be as good as it gets for Barack? Not likely. The polls will likely swing this way and that in advance of the conventions… before McCain pulls ahead in the fall as people learn the truth about Barack.


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