Birth Certificate Speculation


An information update from a blog at National Review on Barack’s hidden birth certificate, and fresh speculation on what it’s all about. First, a campaignspot reader offered that there is no mention of religion on the birth certificate used by the state of Hawaii in 1962.

Then, speculation on what the Obama campaign may be hiding.

And a reader brought up a surprisingly plausible scenario. We know that by high school, Obama was identified in yearbooks, etc., as “Barry Obama.” But we know the relationship between Obama’s parents was rocky at times (Obama describes a short article about his father, profiling the Kenyan foreign exchange student, in the Honolulu Advertiser that doesn’t mention his wife or newborn child). What if on his birth certificate he was identified by his mother’s maiden name… Barack Dunham?

Or Barry Dunham?

People wonder why Barack is hiding the birth certificate when everyone figures he’ll have to release it eventually. It just gains significance daily, so the splash to be made by the hidden information is, in fact, being promoted.

The one victory to be created from the Obama campaign’s cover up would appear to be the ability to hold back bad news until a time when they think they’ll be best able to cope with and control it.

So much for transparency in the new kinda politics.


One Response to “Birth Certificate Speculation”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    But what about the citizenship of his mother. His father was not a US citizen. If his mother wasn’t either, how can he be a US citizen? If he isn’t, he can’t be President. This is what they must be hiding until they feel it’s too late to do anything about it. It’s why the DNC wanted to wrap it up quickly. It’s a travesty that he gets away with this while John McCain has to have a Senate vote state that he is a US Citizen since he was born in the Canal Zone while his father was serving in the Navy.

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