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The Lads Bicker


The lads, Johnny and Barry, are having a spat over habeas corpus. It’s a good fight, too. Goes to fundamental principles. And both have a valid principle that they’re defending. Barack believes that the Supreme Court ruling granting Gitmo prisoners access to the U.S. courts is a good one because a state can’t just hold […]

Where does the fire come from? The blaze of energy that has shot Barack Obama into contention for the presidency? It comes from the geeks and nerds. What sociologist Richard Florida calls the “creative class.” the “creative class” includes people working in the media, advertising, online, music and film industries, as well as designers, artists. […]

Funny, I thought the simple election of Barack Obama would fix all of our ills. Not according to Gore Vidal. Madrid – It will take the United States a century to recover from the damage wreaked by President George. W Bush, US writer Gore Vidal said in an interview published on Saturday. Bush would have […]

Wright, Away!


The numskulls who run Northwestern University had planned to bestow an honorary degree on Reverend Jeremiah Wright. This was before his unique brand of racial divisiveness, well known locally, went national in mid-March. Earlier this year, the faculty at Northwestern University recommended that Wright receive an honorary Doctorate of Sacred Theology. Wright accepted the invitation […]

Da Base


The media has been questioning for some months now whether John McCain would be able to pull the GOP base together. Evangelicals have been indispensable to Republican presidential candidates since Ronald Reagan in 1980 and were key to George W. Bush’s White House wins. While it’s not clear if McCain can pull the religious right […]

Being honest isn’t good for business when you’re a Democrat. The Wisconsin Democratic Party moved Friday to strip a woman of her position as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention after she told a newspaper she would vote for Republican Sen. John McCain for president in November. Didn’t she win the right to be […]

In case you were wondering if it mattered, here’s proof of the value of having young people drawn into politics by Barack Obama. There’s another first in the Barack Obama campaign, and it came from UCLA students. Hundreds of UCLA men and women donned designer underwear with Barack Obama’s picture on the front, and dashed […]