Bad for Business


Being honest isn’t good for business when you’re a Democrat.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party moved Friday to strip a woman of her position as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention after she told a newspaper she would vote for Republican Sen. John McCain for president in November.

Didn’t she win the right to be a delegate fair and square?

Bartoshevich, of Waterford, supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s campaign and was elected a Clinton delegate from the 1st Congressional District. She was certified as a national delegate by the party last month.

How does her personal vote affect her ability to do her job as a Clinton delegate?

But Bartoshevich told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as reported on its Web site Friday, that Clinton was treated unfairly by the party and she has deep reservations about Obama’s experience, so she’ll vote for McCain.

How can she have reservations about Barack’s experience when he doesn’t have any?

“It’s extremely important that we send a message that Democrats in the state of Wisconsin will never support somebody who supports John McCain for president,” state party chairman Joe Wineke said to cheers among the hundreds of party activists.

He said he was furious that Bartoshevich had given Republicans an opening to embarrass the Democrats.

Imagine that? Democrats finding diversity and free speech embarrassing?

She said she got a call from McCain’s campaign after she signed up with “Citizens for McCain,” encouraged by her sister who has served in Iraq. The Journal Sentinel said the McCain campaign gave her name to a reporter.

Those military families sure do get bitter.


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