How the Wackos "think"


Funny, I thought the simple election of Barack Obama would fix all of our ills. Not according to Gore Vidal.

Madrid – It will take the United States a century to recover from the damage wreaked by President George. W Bush, US writer Gore Vidal said in an interview published on Saturday.

Bush would have been impeached, says Vidal, except for what?

“The president behaved like a virtual criminal but we didn’t have the courage to sack him for fear of violating the American constitution,” Vidal told the El Mundo newspaper.

Ah, Gore, you can impeach the president for just about anything you consider to be a “high crime or misdemeanor.” But Vidal doesn’t seem all that familiar with the constitution.

“We live in a dictatorship. We have a fascist government …which controls the media,” he said.

These liberals – they run to Europe, tell people how awful America is, then come home and complain that America’s image overseas has never been worse.

Vidal also said presidential aspirant Barack Obama was “intelligent” adding that it would be a “novelty” to have an “intelligent” person in the White House.

This overestimation of the importance of intelligence is part of the lust that liberals feel for Barack. But the presidents we’re told are really smart can be disasters – Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton – and the ones they tell us don’t have the brain power – Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George W. – they’re the ones that history looks kindly upon.


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