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Could it be that Barack is a threat to the success of the surge even without becoming president? It could be. Consider this powerful analysis from Robert Kaplan in the Atlantic. Kaplan discusses how aggressive Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been in attempting to win the war in Iraq, a war that he opposed from […]

Barack got what they call a ‘dead cat bounce’ out of his parade of great press when Hillary conceded 9 days ago, only gaining 7 points in the polls. Now, the bounce is over, as Gallup reports that McCain has pulled into a statistical tie with Obama. The Gallup Poll Daily’s tracking, conducted June 12-14, […]

Zero Tolerance


I practice a zero tolerance policy toward pansy politics. Candidates shouldn’t be afraid to open their mouths for fear of offending PC sensibilities, and if you strike back at the hypocrites who promote this form of censorship by giving them a taste of their own medicine, you are inadvertently promoting the standard you abhor. I […]

Barack’s Nunn


The Boston Globe is pushing former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn to be Barack’s running mate. The two are close, apparently, starting with Barack’s request for a meeting when he began his long career in national politics, three years ago. Nunn, who during a 24-year Senate career earned a reputation as the Democratic Party’s foremost defense […]

Last week, the media spent thousands of words making a big deal out of the Obama campaign’s launch of a website to correct the record on perceived misrepresentations of Barack. A non-story if there ever was one, this played to a ‘Barack as victim’ storyline that the media, and the campaign, love, along bringing the […]

Barack Cosby


The Obamas spent some of their Father’s Day at church, as is said to be their tradition. But they didn’t attend their traditional church. The Obama family attended services at Chicago’s Apostolic Church of God, one of the city’s largest African American congregations and just six and a half miles from Obama’s former place of […]