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Dick Morris likes McCain’s drilling stance, suggesting that in this case, McCain is outflanking Barack on stepping on the nerve of the moment. John McCain has drawn first blood in the political debate following Barack Obama’s victory in the primaries. His call yesterday for offshore oil drilling — and Bush’s decision to press the issue […]

Fraud Video


Barack tries to spin his unprincipled decision on campaign finance. He tries to make it seem like some sort of sacrifice. What a slippery character he is.

Campaign Fraud


In an attempt to quickly dispel any notion that he might have meant anything he said about bringing a new kind of politics to Washington, Barack Obama today pulled out of the public financing system that he’d indicated he would take part in: Democrat Barack Obama announced he won’t accept public financing for his presidential […]

The Iraq Pivot


Now that the primaries are over, Barack is clearly uncomfortable with his position on Iraq, as well he should be – it’s a blatant lie designed to trick the crowd. While he still claims that his position is a scheduled, sixteen month withdrawal without regard for realities on the ground, he’s been equivocating. Obama […]

Karl Rove goes after Barack’s windfall profits tax in a column in the Wall Street Journal: In Raleigh, N.C., last week, Sen. Obama promised, “I’ll make oil companies like Exxon pay a tax on their windfall profits, and we’ll use the money to help families pay for their skyrocketing energy costs and other bills.” Jimmy […]

Is this moronic pin worthy of the world going into a tizzy? “If Obama is president…Will we still call it the White House.” Would you call this racism, or stupidity? The vendor who sold a racist pin at the Texas Republican Party convention last weekend in Houston apologized today and said he had no intention […]

Much of the destruction that results from the Democratic Party holding power comes from its relationship to unions. They hold the party hostage, and Democrats happily do their bidding, because without unions, the party doesn’t exist. Barack is no different. Barack Obama tapped a new political director today for his presidential campaign, naming Patrick Gaspard, […]

The anything to win folks think nothing of trouncing on their party’s supposed commitment to racial sensitivity. Of course, Democrats aren’t used to being held to the standard they set for the rest of the world. One of two Muslim women who were denied visible seats behind Barack Obama’s stage at Joe Louis Arena on […]