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Nice column from David Brooks today – the most sensible of the columnists at the New York Times. God, Republicans are saps. They think that they’re running against some academic liberal who wouldn’t wear flag pins on his lapel, whose wife isn’t proud of America and who went to some liberationist church where the pastor […]

Having turned from the reform candidate into the biggest liar ever, the question is, will the media put any emphasis on exposing Barack’s cynical manipulation of the masses. This is the reward Senator McCain gets for becoming the flag-bearer for the modern public-finance crusade. He is going to be hugely outspent, even as he is […]

One Was Missing


You have to wonder – don’t any of them have any pride or dignity? Sixteen Democratic governors met with Barack the Fraud in Chicago today, just a day after he opted out of the public financing system in order to save it. Behaving like John Kerry on steroids, Barack abandoned the new kinda politics in […]

Dripping with sarcasm, the New York Times editorializes this morning that Barack just might not be the angel liberals thought he was. BARACK OBAMA isn’t abandoning his pledge to take public financing for the general election campaign because it’s in his political interest. Certainly not. He isn’t about to become the first candidate since Watergate […]

Here’s Barack’s new TV ad.

The reason why Barack is betraying everything he claims to stand for and opting out of public financing? He cares only about winning. Like all of these politicians. Barack is unelectable. His ties to racists, bigots, criminal financiers and retired terrorists will appall the American people. The only hope he has of overcoming that problem […]

Double Standard


The two Muslim women who were abused by Barack Obama’s campaign issued a statement today. At the rally for Senator Obama in Detroit on Monday, June 16, two volunteers denied us seating behind the stage the Senator would soon take. The volunteers informed us that we were not allowed to sit in that area due […]

The latest polls, listed at show Barack hanging onto a slim lead. Gallup has him up 5, Rasmussen up 3, and Fox up 4. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows Barack Obama attracting 45% of the vote while John McCain earns 42%. When “leaners” are included, Obama holds a three-point […]