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In a move designed to help Barack create an air of legitimacy to his betrayal on public campaign funding, shut down its 527. today terminated its Voter Fund, a dormant 527, in a symbolic move in support of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. The 527 has been inactive since 2004, and the liberal […]

It is the season when, in the old kinda politics, a candidate who knows he’s going to be the party’s nominee starts dumping on the people who got him the nomination and moving toward the center. It appears that things are no different in the new kinda politics. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) today announced his […]

With the Hillary/Barack conflict over, and with Republicans apparently not interested in stoking racial tensions, how will Democrats keep racial conflict in the forefront? That’s easy. They’ll do their own race-baiting! Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama said on Friday he expects Republicans to highlight the fact that he is black as part of an effort […]

One of the big misrepresentations Barack his using to spin his fund raising hustle into something noble is to argue that he’s created his own small donor network, so who needs the broken public system. The public system is based on an allocation of $3 from tax payers who check a box on their tax […]

Barack Obama had his worst month raising money in May – just $21.9m, about the same as John McCain, who brought in $21.5M. Obama’s fundraising figure for May is less than the $30.7 million he raised in April. At the end of that month, he had $46.6 million in the bank, with debts of $2 […]