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Barack should be running in another dozen years or so. Last week’s Zogby poll revealed some concern over the fact that Barack isn’t qualified to be president. Asked whether Obama has the necessary experience to be President, 54% said that he does not, while 43% said they believe he is experienced enough for the White […]

Have you noticed that Barack kicked off a conversation last week about how he’s going to marginalized by talk of his race? And, as always, the media obliges by writing stories about race? But a new USA Today poll confirms what all the other polls have found: McCain’s age gives voters more pause in the […]

Watch as Barack loses his ability to speak – blames it on crowd.

Lefty Hazards


One of the hazards of moving to the center at this stage of the campaign is creating tensions with the base. Barack doesn’t want his liberal gut to be revealed, but the liberals who launched him aren’t eager to be abandoned. Consider this letter that sent out to it’s members. On Friday, House Democrats […]

Here’s a challenge for team Barack – How do they use race to promote their candidate, but also use it as a weapon to bludgeon those who seek to inject race into the race? As they ponder a political map that has spelled defeat for Democrats in the last two presidential elections, Barack Obama’s campaign […]

The Race Game


When they talk about how to “confront the issue of race” in the general election, the listener assumes the Obama campaign is talking about what its reaction will be if race is used against Barack. That’s not it. Barack plans on using race proactively, as a shroud to protect the campaign from the forthcoming, and […]

Does anyone remember Hillary Clinton? She used to be the meanest, toughest, most ruthless politician around. Apparently, the are plenty of women who haven’t forgotten her. To be fair, it’s not just women. There are plenty of Clinton supporters of every demographic description who are still ticked. But yes, it’s true that the Clinton base […]