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A few days ago, Barack was a martini drinking snob. But Karl Rove wants to work him over again, this time using the short-lived Presibama Seal as a symbol of his conceit. His seal featured an eagle emblazoned with his logo, and included a Latin version of his campaign slogan. This was an attempt by […]

In the wake of today’s Supreme Court ruling affirming the right to bear arms, John McCain used the opportunity to remind voters how Barackists feel about gun rights. “Unlike the elitist view that believes Americans cling to guns out of bitterness, today’s ruling recognizes that gun ownership is a fundamental right — sacred, just as […]

For the second day in a row, Gallup’s daily tracker of 2600+ registered voters shows a tie between Barack and McCain. Rasmussen, a more accurate survey of 3000 likely voters, remains a four point lead for Barack when “leaners” are included, and five points without. Is it possible that international security concerns in the news […]

The Age Thing


Nader, 74, is a consumer advocate and political activist. So how come no one is saying that he’s too old to be president?

Uncle Ralph


Ralph Nader is calling Barack Obama out for being, essentially, an Uncle Tom. CHICAGO (AP) — Barack Obama dismissed Ralph Nader’s claim that the Democratic candidate is trying to “talk white” and has failed to challenge the power structure to appeal to “white guilt.” Now there’s a strategy for Nader to get some press. In […]

A story in Newsweek questions how Barack can change a city he’s never known. Just three years into his first term, much of the last two have been spent trying to escape his new job. In his rush to get home to the family each weekend, Barack is part of a generation of Congressmen who […]

The ridiculous Obama campaign event to role out the newly bought Hillary endorsement in Unity, New Hampshire is a complex thing. Here’s the press advisory from the campaign. FRIDAY, JUNE 27 Unity, NH “UNITE FOR CHANGE” RALLY WITH BARACK OBAMA AND HILLARY CLINTON Unity Elementary School 864 Second NH Turnpike Unity, NH Early Media Access: […]