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In an interview this week, Dick Morris outlines the ideas that make Barack scary in a conversation with Todd.



Hillary felt the need to exaggerate a bit today in the Unity event. “I know Senator Obama. I’ve served with him in the Senate for four years.” Well, let’s see – Barack would have been inaugurated three years and 5 months ago this month, and he’s been campaigning full-time for President for about two years […]

The big pollsters continue to deny the wished for results in Newsweek’s poll of last week that showed Barack up 15 points. PRINCETON, NJ — For the third straight day, Gallup Poll Daily tracking shows Barack Obama and John McCain tied in national registered voter preferences for the fall election, each now with 44% of […]

Poor conservatives, Time Magazine seems to be saying. With Supreme Court rulings on Guns and Death Penalty, they’d expect to be able to nail Barack for being the withering liberal that he is. When the Supreme Court issues rulings on hot-button issues like gun control and the death penalty in the middle of a presidential […]

An evaluation of swing state polls by Quinnipiac reveals some scary news – Barack Obama is doing as well as John Kerry was four years ago. As with Kerry, folks are just getting to know Barack. While Kerry was dull and cumbersome, Barack has the Obamafia to account for, a much tougher electoral ball and […]

Mr. Clean


Barack was bragging the other day about how he escaped Chicago politics without becoming tied into the dirty politics that dominates the town. “You will recall that for my entire political career here, I was not the the endorsed candidate of any political organization here,” the Democratic presidential hopeful said at the Westin Hotel downtown. […]

In a new ad, John McCain attacks Barack for saying no to all his ideas for confronting the energy crisis. The spot portrays Barack as Dr. No. Is it a mistake to use a 40 year old pop culture reference? Laura Ingraham thought so tonight on O’Reilly, but I disagree. If you don’t know the […]