Hillary felt the need to exaggerate a bit today in the Unity event.

“I know Senator Obama. I’ve served with him in the Senate for four years.”

Well, let’s see – Barack would have been inaugurated three years and 5 months ago this month, and he’s been campaigning full-time for President for about two years – so really, Hillary served with him in the U.S. Senate for about a year and a half, which is the full extent of Barack’s career in national politics.

She flipped quickly over to something more closely resembling reality.

I’ve campaigned with and against him for lots of months,” Clinton told a crowd of 4,000, who had gathered in an elementary school field on a steamy afternoon. “So I’ve had a front row seat to his candidacy. And I’ve seen his strength and his determination, his grace and his grit.”

While Hillary was there to pretend to like Barack (she has 1o million reasons to do so), who crowd wasn’t similarly incentivized.

Some of her supporters weren’t quite ready to let go. “We want Hillary!” a handful of Clinton fans shouted during her speech. “It’s over!” an Obama voter shot back…. When it was Obama’s turn to pile on the plaudits, another voice in the crowd yelled, “She rocks.” Obama answered, “She rocks, she rocks. That’s the point I’m trying to make.”

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