What does Barack do on date night?

Obama managed to have some fun last night. He and Michelle had a swanky date night at Chicago’s premiere restaurant, Spiaggia.

Who went with them? Tony Rezko? Reverend Pfleger?

Michelle, dressed in a chic, black dress and Barack entered the restaurant alone and dined for almost 2 and a half hours.

Two and a half hours! They must have had the eight course tasting menu. It’s just $165 per person, with a wine tasting thrown in for an extra $90 each. They aren’t bitter – they’re millionaires – although the house cured anchovies might have caused them to pucker a bit.


Hand crafted spaghetti with San Marzano tomatoes, Pantellerese capers and house cured anchovies

They must have gone over to the Wright estate for after dinner drinks – Nah, the meal would have included a

Well, what did Barack do before dinner.

As soon as he returned home yesterday afternoon, he quickly changed into his gym clothes and headed to a local gym where he worked out for over an hour. This morning, he headed back to the gym and later took his family to Chicago’s East Bank Club to play basketball.

Why does the national media suddenly have access to so many scintillating Obama details?

Details of his days and nights off the campaign trail have been murky, until now. After lengthy negotiations with the press, the campaign has established a protective pool to travel with the candidate and this was the inaugural weekend.

Thank goodness we’re finally getting the details!


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