Barack the Jap


Barack built his candidacy on faith. He asked people to believe in him and his message of change. To trust him.

With the nomination wrapped up, he has betrayed that trust with zeal. It’s a new ballgame. As one of two guys with a chance to become president, Barack figures whatever the tactics were for beating Hillary don’t control what happens next. It’s the playoffs. Anything to win.

John McCain, in his sharpest attack yet against rival Barack Obama, said the Democratic presidential candidate’s word “cannot be trusted.”

Which means his liberalism goes in the closet, along with his friends and advisers of the past couple of decades. Change beliefs, betray the faith that inspired so – read the polls and follow the game plan that the consultants map out.

“This election is about trust — trust in people’s word,” McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, told several hundred donors at a $2 million GOP fundraiser in Louisville, Kentucky, yesterday. “And unfortunately, apparently on several items, Senator Obama’s word cannot be trusted.”

He goes from Barack the Angel sent from Heaven, Barack the Messiah, to Just Another Politician. He’s the incredible JAP.

McCain, a four-term Arizona senator, said Obama has gone back on his word by pledging to take public financing during the general election and then deciding not to do so.

The challenge for McCain is to get the word out. The sooner the better. And as he does, the Obamafia is making the same accusations against McCain.

Obama supporters are quick to highlight areas where McCain has changed his opinions in an attempt to label him as a worse “flip-flopper” than Obama. McCain has also changed his views on evangelical voters and offshore drilling, his supporters say.

That’s an accusation that Barack can throw at McCain all day long without hurting him, as McCain was never The Messiah, so Obama playing tit for tat with him diminishes Barack’s brand, not McCain’s.

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