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For Democrats to win elections, it’s critical for voters not to know what they really believe. Harry Reid made it harder for Barack to fool America with these comments: Combine Harry with Wes Clark, and it’s shaping up to be a bad week of Democratic Patriotism for Barack.

Does it matter that the anti-war candidate, the darling of the left who outflanked Hillary Clinton because escaping Iraq wasn’t part of her archetypal political structure, has no position on how to end the war? George Packer evaluates Barack’s planless stance in the New Yorker. In February, 2007, when Barack Obama declared that he was […]

Kiss My Welfare


Barack gets load of respect for having given a speech back in 2002, when he wasn’t a member of the U.S. Senate, that opposed the war in Iraq. Now, after 3 long years as a U.S. Senator, we can look at his record and realize he’s done nothing to oppose the war. As it turns […]

Bill Excited?


Barack’s campaign is trying to make a big deal over a Monday phone conversation that was held between Obama and Bill Clinton after the former president told friends over the weekend that Barack would have to “Kiss my ass” before he would offer his support. It seems that Barack got the message about kissing butt. […]

Do you remember last September when ran a newspaper ad which labeled General Patraeus as “General Betray Us?” There was a legislative response in Congress, and oddly enough, Barack happened to be in Washington that day… …when senators had to vote specifically on Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn’s resolution specifically condemning MoveOn, an organization […]