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How do liberals feel as, day by day, it becomes more clear that Barack is your standard, slimy American politician rather than the great Savior? It doesn’t really matter. The liberal blogosphere has lit up with outrage, bemoaning how the man who promised to move beyond politics as usual is, well, engaging in politics as […]

Barack’s waffles and deliberate misrepresentations of the truth, now a carefully crafted daily event, have become so second nature that it appears Barack is lying on auto-pilot. This can lead to carelessness, as it did yesterday, on Barack’s defining issue – ending the war in Iraq. Senator Barack Obama said Thursday that he might “refine” […]

The Obama campaign is apparently getting nervous about the media focus on his preparations to abandon his faux anti-war stance. Most people haven’t noticed this yet, but the campaign has been systematically laying the foundation for an abandonment of it’s long standing position on the Iraq war while officially sticking to it. The plan appears […]

Money Matters


The media, in its seemingly endless attempts to confuse the nation about what’s really happening, continues to talk of Barack’s incredible fund raising advantage over McCain. Karl Rove points out that it’s not so simple as news reports might lead one to believe. So how much cash did he and his rival have when the […]

Happy 4th


Happy Independence Day from all of your friends at Barack’s White Lies! A venture which consists of just one person. Me. Todd. Have a good one.