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I’ve been doing a fill-in shift on WHJJ in Providence over the past couple of weeks, and I just made lighthearted fun when the story was floated in the market that one of their Senators, Jack Reed, was a possible VP pick for Barack. One intriguing possibility, if Obama doesn’t target a single state or […]

Six Words


Last week Barack made his move to try and steal evangelicals away from the GOP, offering to funnel federal dollars into religious groups performing important community functions, something that was high on President Bush’s agenda. The New York Times says Barack messed up the pander with six words. “First,” he said, “if you get a […]

Iraq Quicksand


The Wall Street Journal reminds everyone to give the McCain campaign some credit for the Iraq Quicksand that Barack stepped in Thursday. They’ve been pushing Barack on Iraq, a topic which was always good for McCain, but gets better as the Obama campaign prepares his pending betrayal of the anti-war movement. In recent weeks, McCain […]

More on Barack’s Iraq Hustle from Rick Klein at ABC. There’s been lots of speculation this week about whether Sen. Barack Obama has an Iraq problem. He does now. His comments Thursday, saying that he will “continue to refine” his plan to withdraw combat troops from Iraq inside of 16 months, seems likely to leave […]