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Watch some of the family interview the Obamas did, with the kids, on Access Hollywood.

Big Money Lies


Some lies and misconceptions about Barack’s fundraising are cleared up by Andrew Romano at Newsweek. He’s numbered and responded to 4 big ones, which are presented in short form here. 1. Obama Opted Out of Public Financing for Reasons of Principle – Um, no. This one would’ve been too obvious to refute, except that when […]

Barack continues to argue to his base that his decision to jam a knife into the heart of the federal campaign finance system is actually good for the system. “We have revolutionized how campaigns are financed at the small level,” Obama said in Chicago 10 days ago. “The overwhelming bulk of donors are ordinary Americans, […]

This is off topic, but interesting if you have 15 minutes to spare. Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich had a deal to join together to use their power to change a substantial American problem. Then came Monica. Last week I interviewed Steve Gillon, author of “The Pact: Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and the Rivalry That […]



The only polls that have updated since the holiday weekend are the ones that matter – the constant tracking polls that tally three days of polling results daily by Gallup and Rasmussen. They may have flaws in their approaches, but those flaws remain constant, so over time the trackers are a good indicator of how […]

This is not hot off the presses – it goes back a couple of weeks to off shore drilling. But it’s worth watching for a moment if you’re not clear on where Barack stands on the political spectrum. Watch the first 30 seconds or so and get horrified! He wants to tax the profits of […]


A new ad from the RNC touts McCain as stronger on the environment than Barack, who is good at saying no to ideas like nukes and encouraging the sourcing of new supplies. The Republican National Committee is spending $3.4 million on television ads in four swing states blasting Barack Obama’s energy policy, according to a […]

Barack Obama has decided, apparently, that having a ticket with a combined six years experience in the U.S. Senate isn’t for him, as Jim Webb announced yesterday that he’s out of VP sweepstakes. In a statement, Webb said he wanted to use his “efforts and talents” in the Senate to work for such issues as […]

Barack’s daughters joined his parents for a TV interview with some gossip show, clips of which were shown on the Today show this morning. Great revelations? Barack has promised, win or lose, that the kids get a dog in November. What’s the political motivation for this announcement? The pet-owning public may have caught on to […]

Will the networks cut back on coverage of the Democrats convention because of Barack’s decision to move outdoors on the last night? …the announcement came after the news media had spent months planning coverage under the seemingly safe assumption that all four nights of the convention would take place at the Pepsi Center, which seats […]

How mundane has Barack Obama’s campaign become? Whether he’s reaffirming his long-held belief in faith-based programs or fudging his core convictions about government snooping, he is drifting away from the leadership he promised and into the focus-group-tested calculation patented by Mark Penn in his disastrous campaign for Hillary Clinton. That’s Rich – Frank Rich, of […]