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Cheap Crystal


Want a sure fire way to anger people who are mad about your betrayal of values you claimed were important during the primary season? Just tell them that your position changes aren’t changes at all! “This whole notion that I am shifting to the center or flip-flopping on this, that and the other … the […]

Access Obama


In March when the furor over Reverend Wright threw Barack’s radical church into the limelight, Barack was surprised the by uproar. He was also surprised last week over the emotion elicited by his Iraq flip-flop. This week he’s surprised again! Barack Obama said it was a mistake to allow his daughters to be interviewed extensively […]

More reasons why Barack isn’t able to build a significant lead over McCain, even though Democrats have a huge structural advantage this year. Has the media coverage of this election lead you to believe that more voters are more impressed with McCain or Barack as a leader? Check out the truth!!! Would you have guessed […]

I’m sick of reading news stories that reiterate the falsehood that all voters care about this election is the economy, and that Barack is the clear choice of voters on this issue. The numbers don’t support either assumption. The big question in this campaign, rarely asked or explained, is why Barack leads by 4 or […]

How Goes Unity?


Unity isn’t turning out to be profitable place for Hillary Clinton. Mr. Obama has asked his top donors to help raise money for her debt, and so far they have come up with less than $100,000 (though more in pledges), Clinton campaign officials said — a “paltry sum,” in the words of one. It looks […]

Would they ever write one of these for McCain? Obama shows signs of being trail-weary If they thought McCain human enough to write about, the title for the GOP candidate might be “Aging McCain has trouble keeping up on long grind,” or “McCain worn down by young opponent.” He hasn’t had a vacation for months. […]

More Big Money Lies from Andrew Romano at Newsweek. His first two Obama deceptions and misconceptions are in the next post down. Here are three and four. 3. The Share of Obama’s Money That Comes From Small Donors Is Completely Unprecedented – This one’s kind of surprising. Obama has certainly set the record for small-sum […]