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Remember the shock when we found out that Barack had been just about matched by McCain in May fund-raising? Well, McCain had another big money month in June. Republican presidential candidate John McCain raised $22 million for his White House bid in June and had nearly $27 million in the bank at the end of […]

Despite the media glow around Barack and the general assumption that he will be the next president, there is a remarkable phenomenon that goes under discussed – Barack’s post-Wright slump continues. He appears to have been stalled since mid-March. As has been mentioned here often, the Democrats have a huge structural advantage in this election […]

Check out this recap, courtesy of Barack, on his plans to make America weak on defense. This is posted on Youtube under the title “Why Barack Will Lose.” Pretty powerful argument, no?

The favorite tactic of the left when there’s no other defense available – just cry racism. Would a white woman get away with saying she’s proud of her country for the first time?

Slick Oil Ad


Barack has a new ad running in some choice states attacking McCain on his energy plan, the main purpose of which seems to be an excuse to show a photo McCain and Bush hugging. But it also includes the requisite misrepresentations from Barack. He said that McCain wants to give big tax breaks to oil […]

Latino Pander


How slippery is this guy? Barack, pandering to Latinos, says that Americans who worry about immigrants learning english have it backwards. They should, he said, be teaching their kids to speak Spanish. “Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English, because they will learn English, you need to make sure your child can speak […]

Under the Bus


The other odd thing about Democrats, besides their endless attempts to keep racial tensions stoked, is their willingness to put politics ahead of family. When Barack was trying to save the Racist Wright in March, he didn’t hesitate to sacrifice his grandmother to the effort. Today, Jesse Jackson Jr. acted like he’d never met his […]

These Democrats are an odd lot. They claim to be the party of zero tolerance when it comes to racism, but they don’t think twice about race baiting. Think Barack’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Think Bill Clinton. And think Jesse Jackson. The remarks came Sunday as Jackson was talking to a fellow interviewee in a studio. […]