Barack’s Money Machine Sputtering?


Remember the shock when we found out that Barack had been just about matched by McCain in May fund-raising? Well, McCain had another big money month in June.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain raised $22 million for his White House bid in June and had nearly $27 million in the bank at the end of the month, campaign manager Rick Davis said on Thursday.

Is that better or worse than May?

That fund-raising figure is a slight increase for the Arizona senator from May, when McCain raised $21 million and reported nearly $36 million in the bank.

McCain is well situated financially, contrary to the gleeful reporting of the mainstream media.

Davis said the Republican National Committee also had nearly $68 million in the bank at the end of the month for its Victory campaign fund, which can be spent to help McCain’s campaign in its race against Democrat Barack Obama in the November presidential election.

How about Barack?

Obama has not announced his fundraising for June yet. Figures are due to be reported to the Federal Election Commission by July 20.

But we do know this – Barack’s fund raising machine has been running out of gas.

According to monthly reports filed with the Federal Election Commission on June 20, Barack Obama’s primary fundraising totals decreased in May for the third straight month. Individual contributions to Obama’s campaign have descended from a high of $54.1 million in February to $40.2 million in March, $30.1 million in April and $21.1 million in May. John McCain’s totals have risen steadily from $10.4 million in February to $20.9 million in May, when they virtually matched Obama’s. McCain’s totals include individual contributions raised through joint candidate/party fundraising committees.

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