Slick Oil Ad


Barack has a new ad running in some choice states attacking McCain on his energy plan, the main purpose of which seems to be an excuse to show a photo McCain and Bush hugging.

But it also includes the requisite misrepresentations from Barack.

He said that McCain wants to give big tax breaks to oil companies.

McCain wants to lower corporate tax rates in general, but has proposed no tax breaks for oil companies. But the new kinda politics gets more malicious.

But it was The O who voted FOR the 2005 energy bill — which included tax breaks for oil companies and was kissed into law by a certain oil-lovin’ VP and Prez — while McCain and one Hillary R. Clinton voted against it.

What? Barack voted for the President’s tax cut for oil companies and McCain didn’t?

Johnny Mac voted against it because he said it included billions worth of unnecessary tax breaks for the oil industry.

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