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Barack’s popularity isn’t the only place that he faces dropping numbers. Word is, his fund-raising is off as well. Sen. Barack Obama’s fundraisers were predicting an unreal fundraising month for their candidate. “One hundred million dollars this June — it’s definitely within reach,” Obama fundraiser Wade Randlett said last month to The Hill. He can […]

With McCain’s campaign thus far ineffective, with a new manager just a week into his tenure, Barack has been losing ground to McCain! When combined with his sputtering victory over Hillary, Barack has been adrift since the emergence of Jeremiah Wright.How does the Obama campaign expect to repair the credibility canyon that he has in […]

Sister Jesse


Howard Fineman at Newsweek is the latest to imagine that two black men fighting is somehow a good thing when Barack Obama is one of the two black men. Howard tells the famous story of how Bill Clinton created a spat with Jesse Jackson in order to make himself look mainstream. In May 1992, Clinton […]

Why is Barack hedging on his commitment to blindly withdraw troops from Iraq without regard for events in Iraq? The answer can be found, as Martha Raddatz has discovered, by talking to the commanders on the ground. Whatever nuance Barack Obama is now adding to his Iraq withdrawal strategy, the core plan on his Web […]

Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm, a backer of John McCain’s, is taking some heat from Barack for trying to make the point that life in America is pretty darn good. Barack is trying to make him look bad for his positive attitude. But Gramm’s correct in what he’s saying. Democrat Barack Obama Thursday gleefully pounced […]

The great minds of politics are busy looking into the crystal balls and announcing the gains they expect to accrue to Barack because Jesse Jackson wants to cut off his nuts. The Reverend Jesse Jackson’s derogatory comments about Barack Obama could provide a boost for the presumptive Democratic nominee, giving him an opportunity to win […]