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The new generation of black leaders is still seething over Jesse Jackson’s comments about Barack talking down to blacks. Says the rapper Nas: “I think Jesse Jackson, he’s the biggest player hater. His time is up. All you old n****s, time is up. We heard your voice, we saw your marching, we heard your sermons. […]

More evidence that Barack is losing steam comes from Newsweek. Using a different approach to adjusting for party affiliation than Gallup and Rasmussen, Newsweek offers numbers that are more volatile. Last month, they showed Barack leading by 15 points, which lead to big coverage around the world of a false premise – Barack will cruise […]

A “King of Comedy” did his best to create a Jeremiah moment for Barack last night, but Bernie Mac is no Pastor Wright. Sen. Barack Obama‘s campaign condemned salty language used Friday evening by comedian and actor Bernie Mac, who introduced the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee at a Chicago fundraiser. Watch a little Bernie Mac […]



The liberal blogosphere was aflame today with new accusations that Sen. Barack Obama is trying to win the 2008 presidential election. There’s some truth to what humorist Andy Borowitz has written. Suspicions about Obama’s true motives have been building during the past few weeks, but not until today have the bloggers called him out for […]