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Barack essentially admitted that he deliberately lied and mislead the American people during primary season. Remember, until yesterday, his official position was the blind withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Here’s what his website no longer states as his position in Iraq: Obama will immediately begin to remove our troops from Iraq. He will remove […]

Perhaps Phil Gramm wasn’t referring to you and me when he made his comments about all the whining in America. I think he was talking about Barack, who sounded like quite the whiner today with his lament on the war in Iraq. In fact, he sounds downright depressed. Barack forced himself into respectful acknowledgment of […]

Barack’s big flip-flop on Iraq goes uncovered in the news today. I’ve checked all the major newspapers, and that which should be front page news isn’t there. Can the Obama campaign ploy of playing up the New Yorker cover have so distracted reporters that they don’t notice the big story? This was huge news two […]

What is going on? I was in the car for over an hour this afternoon, and heard endless radio coverage of the New Yorker cover, but none – zero – of the fact that Barack has done the big flip flop on the war in Iraq. Visit his website and see – they have removed […]