Cartoon Trumps Iraq Betrayal for Media


Barack’s big flip-flop on Iraq goes uncovered in the news today. I’ve checked all the major newspapers, and that which should be front page news isn’t there. Can the Obama campaign ploy of playing up the New Yorker cover have so distracted reporters that they don’t notice the big story?

This was huge news two weeks ago when Barack just teased at the betrayal. Now that he’s doing it, there is little or no mention, or, they’re getting it wrong – the Associated Press story gets this wrong in the first paragraph:

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama is setting the stage for his upcoming visit to Iraq with a high-profile explanation of his opposition to the war there and his pledge to complete a U.S. troop pullout within 16 months of becoming president.

This is starting to make me crazy.

In a major speech Tuesday, the Democrat will explain how missteps in Iraq have hurt efforts to strengthen U.S. security, aides said. He will also discuss his proposal to add two new brigades in nearby Afghanistan, as well as call for Pakistan to step up its own efforts dealing with terrorists.

In addition, the speech will discuss Obama’s belief in the need for diplomacy to address Iran’s nuclear program, while addressing other global challenges such as climate change and energy security, the aides said.

Later in the day, Obama will conduct a series of television interviews to bolster his remarks.

The flurry of activity comes a day after an Obama op-ed piece in the New York Times that called for the additional Afghanistan brigades and argued the U.S. faces a growing threat from a resurgent al-Qaida in Afghanistan.

His Republican rival, John McCain, also planned an address Thursday focused on Afghanistan. Nine U.S. soldiers were killed and 14 injured in a militant attack Sunday, the military’s highest death toll there in three years.

Two weeks ago, when Barack set the stage for his Iraq betrayal, the media went nuts. This week, they’re ignoring the story, instead taking the bait on a silly New Yorker cartoon.

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