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The Good News? The Today Show reported this morning that Barack’s website was purged of it’s longstanding Iraq position statement Sunday night. (We told you at Monday lunch.) The Bad News? Matt Lauer reported this morning that Barack restated his commitment to a 16 month withdrawal policy yesterday, when, in fact, the opposite took place.

Is this a depressing year for the GOP? Sure. They’re going to take a big hit in congressional elections. Have you noticed that Barack Obama is actually running unopposed for the Presidency? Can they still take the White House? Sure. As Dick Morris puts it, we have, on one side, the party that can’t win […]

The first story I’ve seen in the Mainstream Media that mentioned Barack’s website having been revamped on Iraq came from the New York Daily News – 8 hours after we told you here at Barack’s White Lies. Power to the blogosphere. Monday, July 14th 2008, 8:10 PM WASHINGTON – Barack Obama‘s campaign scrubbed his presidential […]

Surge Purge


When the Obama campaign purged his website Sunday night of his troop drawdown proposal for Iraq, it also purged his claims that the surge wouldn’t work. If you’re going to rewrite history, it’s a good idea to delete the record, no? Here’s the truth of Barack’s poor analysis, in video, as compiled by Wake Up […]

If Barack’s new Iraq policy proposal is not new, why did Samantha Power get fired a few months ago, at least in part, for describing his old policy in a way that sounds alot like Barack’s speech Tuesday morning? Let’s revisit the controversy with Sam Stein of the Huffington Post: Former Obama aide Samantha Power […]