Obama’s Biggest Flip Goes Unreported Still


It’s a dramatic refinement of his policy on Iraq, but it has gone virtually unreported. As you’ve seen here since Monday, Barack cleaned his website of his 16 month withdrawal plan Sunday evening, also eliminating his opposition to the surge. It took until last night for the AP to even do a story, which no one has run, it seems, but the Minneapolis paper.

Also new: A description of Obama’s plan as “a responsible, phased withdrawal” that will be directed by military commanders and done in consultation with the Iraqis. Previously, the site had a sentence, since removed, that flatly said, “Obama will immediately begin to remove our troops from Iraq.”

This should have been front page news, but the story has barely been mentioned. Even though the flip-flop was laid out clearly in Barack’s New York Times op-ed Monday and his Iraq speech Tuesday in addition to the website change, some, like Matt Lauer on Today Wednesday morning, are reporting that Barack re-committed to the blind 16 month withdrawal rather than having abandoned it altogether.

As first reported Tuesday by the New York Daily News, Obama’s campaign removed a reference to the surge as part of “The Problem” section on the part of his website devoted to laying out his plan for Iraq. The change was part of many broader changes that Obama spokeswoman Wendy Morigi said were made to reflect current conditions.

The current conditions she’s referring to must be Barack’s desire to make fools out of those who supported him during the primaries because he was so much more radical on the war than Hillary.

The uniform lack of coverage is enough to make a guy a conspiracy theorist.

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