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As perhaps I’ve mentioned before, Barack this week reneged on his primary campaign promise to withdraw our combat troops from Iraq in 16 months. For some reason, the media is refusing to notice. Here are just a couple of examples. From Time Magazine: Obama’s liberal supporters, on the other hand, have been unsettled by his […]



Fawning Europeans: In The Times of London, Gerard Baker, tongue only slightly in cheek, writes: “You have to go back to the Beatles’ first U.S. tour to find a trans-Atlantic trip freighted with the same sort of pregnant excitement that attends the one Barack Obama is about to make … Does anyone see the potential […]

He’d never been before, so it made sense for Barack to start his international campaign swing in Afghanistan. KABUL – US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama arrived in Afghanistan Saturday at the start of a major international tour that will also include Iraq, his office and the Afghan foreign ministry said. Obama’s office said the […]

As Barack goes overseas, McCain attacks him for political manipulations on the war. Unfortunately, not with much impact. Wouldn’t it be more effective just to show Barack’s flips in his own words?

A British newspaper, seeking to give its readers a primer on Barack in advance of his arrival in Europe, had this to say about his plans for the war in Iraq: Plans for Iraq “On my first day in office, I would give the military a new mission: ending this war.” How is “ending the […]