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On Media Bias


Since most Democrats have always argued that media bias doesn’t exist – that it’s a fantasy of the conservative mind, and worse – that it’s impossible – it has been a satisfying year for those of us who advance the theory. It was very exciting when Democrats themselves, in the form of the Clintons, complained […]

Barack, in an interview aired on Face the Nation, explains how long he plans to serve as President. Geesh – to think people worried about Bill Clinton!

A presidential candidate is supposed to get bigger on the national stage. That doesn’t mean his head should, too. That’s how Joan Vennochi, columnist for the Boston Globe, wraps up her attack on the man the McCain campaign internally refers to as, “The One.” Here’s how she starts it. JUST LIKE the Obama girl, Obama […]

The trip to the Middle East is well timed for Barack, who can use the positive media attention that the major networks are eager to provide. The latest polls indicate his campaign is totally stalled, with Rasmussen showing a tie. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Barack Obama attracting 43% of […]

It is being reported that the Prime Minister of Iraq has endorsed Barack Obama’s 16 month plan for withdrawing U.S. troops. This is amusing for several reasons. First, Barack abandoned his 16 month plan this week (I can’t believe I’m explaining this again.) Second, Maliki’s supposed endorsement consists of this: “U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama […]