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How Long?


Let’s face it, Barack has an ego problem. That’s always been the case, I think, but the innocent charm seems to have given way to arrogant impatience now that he’s within reach of the altitudes he believes he is destined for. He can’t stand being close, and being questioned. He wants the prize. This exchange […]

Is Barack’s security in the West Bank the work of terrorists? Major Garrett of the Fox News Channel reports on a press briefing regarding Barack’s campaign trip through the Middle East and Europe. First, they were discussing the nature of Barack’s speech in Berlin, and why it would be in front of as many as […]

McCain’s Game


On ABC News last night, they did their best to be balanced in the coverage of Barack’s trip. They did this by mentioning that McCain was struggling to find a way to fight the intense coverage Barack is receiving. Some say that McCain has found the answer – an early announcement of his VP pick. […]

There are more negative signs for Barack in the latest numbers. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Barack Obama attracting 42% of the vote while John McCain earns 41%. The one point lead for Barack is an improvement – it was tied yesterday. But, That’s the lowest level of support measured […]

They get it in Jordan: For what feels like forever, Israelis and their Arab neighbors have been hopelessly deadlocked on how to resolve the Palestinian crisis. But there is one point they may now agree on: if elected president, Senator Barack Obama will not fundamentally recalibrate America’s relationship with Israel, or the Arab world. “What […]