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I’m convinced that the more voters get to know Barack, the less inclined they’ll be to support him. This seems to be the case with his overseas tour. Despite four days of dominating news coverage even more than he usually does, the portrayal of Barack as a statesman is hurting his image as a leader […]

Equal Time


ABC News sends a signal. In today’s email blast promoting World News for tonight, they mention the Republican nominee. Oh, how they love to mock Fox News for using the phrase Fair and Balanced! World News in the Middle East:Senator Barack Obama continues his tour through the Middle East, meeting today with Israeli and Palestinian […]

Are you ready for a laugh? Watch the rest of the panel sit frozen as Dan Rather confuses Barack with the world’s most famous terrorist. No one helps!

McCain is using humor to highlight the media obsession with the candidate McCain’s people refer to as “The One.” Now, there are two videos up on his website mocking the obsession, with the opportunity to vote for which 60’s love song best exemplifies the media’s condition. Nice job. See them here.

More mainstream media reaction to world scrutiny over its love affair with Obama, as Andrea Mitchell complains about “fake interviews”:

The networks appear to have been embarrassed into making sure that they give McCain a fair shot at some coverage in the midst of their Obama-fest in the Middle East – so much so, that McCain ended up getting the best of things on CBS. First, Katie was aggressive in challenging Barack on his claim […]