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Charlie Gibson flustered Barack in an interview that aired on last night’s World News. Impressive work from Gibson, who simply asked appropriate follow-ups, something few have the brainpower or the tenacity to do. By comparison, watch Katie’s weak attempt to pursue Barack a day earlier.Anyway, it’s informative to see Barack’s reactions when Charlie doesn’t want […]

Barack Speaks


Read Barack’s speech here. “In Europe, the view that America is part of what has gone wrong in ourworld, rather than a force to help us make it right, has become all toocommon,”he said. “Yes, there have been differences between America andEurope. “Nodoubt, there will be differences in the future. But the burdens of global […]

An ironic juxtaposition of posts. We learn via Der Spiegel, blogging on Barack’s speech, that: ++ Obama Says He Loves America ++ Who knew? Coincidentally, or perhaps contradictorily, we learn from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air (via Pundit Review), that Der Spiegel is reporting that Barack, running tight on time in Germany, canceled his Friday […]

Before he gave his speech in Berlin today, Barack chatted with the media, and tried to lower expectations.

Readers of this blog have been hearing for some time that this election is not about John McCain – the race is Barack’s to win or lose. That’s due to the fact that the fundamentals of the election year so favor a Democrat. People want change – the question is, does Barack represent the change […]

Dick Knows


You wouldn’t guess it from the hype, but McCain actually would be the guy who would end the war quicker and with the fewest casualties. Dick Morris spells it out. It’s literally true that if McCain is elected, there will be fewer US deaths in Iraq than there will be if Obama prevails. By pulling […]