Media Backfire


Barack’s speech certainly made him center stage yesterday – and there’s no question that shots of him meeting comfortably with world leaders may allay the fears somewhat of the majority of Americans who question his readiness for the presidency – but media attempts to compensate for its excitement over Barack with balanced reporting may ruin the opportunity for this week’s tour to provide the jump start the Obama campaign so sorely needs.

Last night’s World News, for example, spent the first 7 minutes on Barack. In the setup, Charlie Gibson mentioned that many see Barack’s tour and speech as presumptuous. Then Jake Tapper started his report by mentioning that you don’t usually see presidential candidates taking their campaigns to Germany. McCain also received decent coverage.

This morning, Barack momentous moment went without mention during the start of Good Morning America. They focused the news heavy portion of the program on stories such as the airliner that popped a hole yesterday, the possible tornadoes in New Hampshire, and a follow-up on the woman who didn’t seem concerned when her young daughter was missing for a month.

While the Today Show considered Barack to be news, it also provided good coverage of McCain’s compensatory trips to American towns with European names. Ultimately, the scheduled appearance of Miley Cirus in Rockefeller Plaza generated more heat than Barack.

How eager is Barack for something to change the movement in this campaign? Consider the latest polls from four states, taken partially during this week’s trip, that confirm the tightening race seen in national polls.

July 24, 2008 – McCain Closes In On Obama In Four Battleground States, Quinnipiac University/Wall Street Journal/ Washingtonpost.Com Poll Finds

What little air Barack had in his sales 6 weeks after disposing of Hillary is almost gone. It’s up to the Berlin speech to provide some lift, and the signs don’t seem to be there that any major winds have been generated. Except in New Hampshire.

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