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Short Bounce


Barack’s bounce appears to be fading already. Yesterday, he had a 5 point lead from Rasmussen and a 9 point lead from Gallup, but today offers a different picture. Gallup has dropped, but just one point, to an 8% lead for Barack. But Rasmussen goes back to 3% for Obama. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential […]

Is it by design, or just dumb luck, that Barack seems to have things going his way on the war in Iraq? Walter Russell Mead writes in the LA Times about a situation loaded with ironies. The net result, ironically, is that the antiwar candidate who predicted failure is benefiting most from the war’s success. […]

Did you happen to see McCain with Stephanopolous yesterday. He was forceful and likable, and George couldn’t figure out how to pin him down. A wonderful performance.

Is McCain being fair? “It seems to me that Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign,” McCain said Tuesday in New Hampshire, in a line he’s been using regularly since. That statement represents shorthand for an angle that is entirely accurate – attacking Barack’s character for having contrived positions […]

John McCain is running an ad that goes after Barack for not visiting injured American troops in Germany. During his trip to Germany, Obama was scheduled to visit the American hospitals at Ramstein and Landstuhl, but cancelled the trips after being told by Pentagon officials that he could only visit in his official capacity as […]