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The Gallup poll, a bit more volatile since it polls registered voters rather than testing for those who are likely to vote, took a big jump two days ago in response to Barack’s big media week. But now it joins Rasmussen in sinking. Barack Obama’s lead over John McCain, having reached a nine percentage point […]

The Faux Bump


Just because Barack’s overseas trip doesn’t appear to have improved his lot significantly doesn’t mean that it wasn’t beneficial. Longterm, it will likely contribute to an improvement in voters’ perceptions of his Gravitas. But the bump was a short one – with Rasmussen showing a one point race. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll […]

Barack is unelectable – except for one thing. As noted previously on this page, he’s good at being lucky. Presumed Republican presidential nominee John McCain, who has a history of dangerous melanomas, had a spot of skin removed from his face today, his campaign said. It’s entirely unlikely that an unknown quantity like Barack, with […]